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Serving puerto rico since 1961

Our Fleet

We offer plumbing services, unclogging pipes, leaks detector, grease trap cleaning, septic tank cleaning, used water truck service, closed caption cameras for diagnostics, pipe replacement, electric services, portable toilet rental, and a lot more. We provide residential, commercial and industrial services all over the Island.

Our Equipment Includes

Vacuum Tank
The vacuum tank truck is used to remove liquids or solids. Used for cleaning grease traps, septic tanks and car wash sewers.The truck can transport from 2,500 to 6,000 gallons of materials.

Wet & Dry Super Vacuum Truck
Used for suctioning solid materials like trash, sand and liquids. Can reach substances up to 80 feet below the surface.

Used Water Truck
These trucks can transport sanitary water with a capacity of 10,000 gallons each.

Camera Truck
The camera truck is equipped with high tech equipment for inspecting pipes of 6” to 72” in diameter.

Industrial Sewer Lines Truck
This truck has a 1,000 feet long cable that can unclog pipes of 6” to 72” in diameter.

Service Vans
Our service vans are equipped with all the basic tools to handle plumbing and electrical jobs on site.

Portable Toilets
Portable toilets for rent include regular toilets, handicapped access toilets and VIP toilets

Deluxe Toilets
Our deluxe toilets can be rented for special events and include air conditioning.

Single or double wash basins can be rented for your event.



Rod Rodder does a lot more and better than anyone!